Sunday, October 31, 2010

Classes and Life Dance Troupe

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I have no idea how to tell you all that I've learned from the students here at the school. I am going to attempt to make a list of my favorite experiences with the students and see if that helps to organize my thoughts:
  • We gave them dance homework. Ha ha ha! Some of them were very funny when they realized they had to fill out a worksheet for dance--oh the cuteness of those big eyes! However, they did it, and we learned so much about the students through the completed sheets. They love dance. And they are beginning to understand that there is more to dance than just a healthy body.
  • Dancing in the student hostel. Last Sunday, I promised Sathya that I would visit her room. She shares this room with some of the other girls and there is another room attached where more of the students live. When I showed up, the girls were all there and they were so excited to see me. It turned into a long and delightful evening full of dance and song (all of them wanting to dance with me and requesting Disney songs for me to sing).
  • 5th Standard turning from the most difficult class to the most focused class. This turnaround definitely involved guilt (none of them did their homework) and the fact that Mangela (the Indian vice-principal) was there. Hopefully, it will stick next week.
  • Mangela (the VP) using Promethean Spark language at the morning assembly. The whole school meets every morning at 9 am for prayers, flag ceremony, and a short assembly. The whole process lasts about 10 minutes. Melana (the other dance master) and I went to two assemblies this week. We gave an award at the second one, but just watched the first one. As we stood there, Mangela began talking to the students about dance, and that this week was about "Never giving up!" She related it to their school work and some recent challenges. She willingly brought up dance and the PS principles without any prompting from us. Perfect!
  • This week we had auditions for Life Dance Troupe. I learned that it's important to give the students the opportunity to recommit. Also, it is wonderful to watch a person who loves dancing dance, even if they are not the most talented
  • UKG (Upper Kindergarten) is so stinking cute and they are all about love. There is so much love just bursting forth from those little bodies! Wherever they are, hugs are guaranteed.
  • Helping a child do homework in the evening is rewarding and brings joy to my heart.
  • Celina, the principal and my friend, is quite the example to me. She loves these children so much. She is so selfless. She is always sacrificing her time and personal plans in order to help the children. Her heart has turned toward those children, and they can feel of her love. I know she has a number of struggles and trials, but she doesn't let it stop her service.
  • Never underestimate a child 
  • We are where we need to be when we need to be there. Yes, I already knew this, but this trip has been filled with reminders of this truth.
  • So much more, but this post is already becoming epic 

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